About the project

Dalkeith Tennis Club is one of the largest tennis clubs in Perth, long considered the best tennis in Perth with a significant and growing junior club membership. Due to its size, facilities, location and commitment to excellence it was granted Sub Regional status by Tennis Australia in 2009 making it one of the most prominent clubs in WA.

Unfortunately the court bases of our hard courts have degraded significantly in the 10-20 years since they were last subject to significant work. This has now affected the courts to the extent that surface maintenance alone (grinding out cracks, sealing and filling the cavity) no longer provides a good playing experience.

This project involves performing necessary work to re-lay new playing surfaces. Resurfacing can only take place during the dry summer months, the plan is to complete the groundwork prior to May 2019.

The refreshed courts will enable Dalkeith Tennis Club to hold tennis competitions with a high standard of tennis and help attract and retain members as well as enhancing our junior development.

  • DTC tennis player

    Dalkeith Tennis Club is a great club. Good tennis, and good fellowship. Come and join in. Check out: https://www.dalkeithtc.com/

  • GLenda Martinick

    Donation for 2016 - 2017

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