Providing Effective Sports Fundraising Ideas in Adelaide

Adelaide has a vibrant sporting scene, with a large community of people passionate about being active and staying fit. Alongside hosting a number of major international sporting events, the city is also home to many sporting clubs and organisations — most of which are kept alive only because of the generous donations raised through fundraising initiatives. If you’re in need of new ideas for a fundraising endeavour for your organisation, the Australian Sports Foundation will help you with your next appeal, and help you to achieve your objectives through providing the resources and expertise for sports fundraising.

Supporting students in Adelaide with fundraising ideas for schools

Sports are an integral part of school as it is an essential part of helping students to stay healthy and active. Research shows that it is also important for helping children maintain their concentration and alertness while studying, to break up spending the entire school day cooped up inside the classroom.

The Australian Sports Foundation helps to provide support for the next generation of Australian athletes, to nurture the talent and passion for sport for children all across Adelaide. With our fundraising ideas, we assist schools by helping them to maintain their supply of sports gear and equipment, maintaining and improving facilities as well as having the capacity to offer the full range of sports for students.

Why sports fundraising

Donations are tax deductible, but the main reason why they are attractive to donors is because they offer the chance to help build a healthier and happier Australia.

For sports organisations and individual athletes, fundraising is necessary for securing the money needed to achieve goals and objectives, and allow more and more people to access to exercise and fitness. And as the nation’s main body for fundraising for Australian sports, we have the expertise to help your initiatives gain nationwide attention outside of Adelaide.

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From Adelaide to the Northern Territory, we nurture athletes and sports organisations all across Australia. To get in touch, call 02 6214 7868.

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