About the project

I'm heading to the US for the majority of 2021 to race in the prestigious Indy Lights series, the feeder category to IndyCar. 

I will need to fund all of the expenses that come with living away. These will include:

- a personal trainer who will assist with my physical preparation as well as attend race events with with me (includes travel and accommodation)

- travel and accommodation while I'm away testing or racing

- rent and general furniture and appliances for the flat

While over there I will also need to source all of the appropriate racing gear for the new season including helmets, race suits, shoes, etc

All of these costs are significant and I need your support to cover them.

Your tax deductible donation through this platform with the Australian Sports Foundation, could make a big difference to my career. So please show your support and donate today!

  • David OByrne

    All the best Alex, doing Tassie proud! David

  • Cat Nicol

    Good luck in Indy Lights this season! Hope this small amount helps!

  • Victor Kuc

    I hope this small amount helps you continue your racing career and that in Indy Lights, you demonstrate your worthiness for an IndyCar seat. Welcome to the USA!

  • Steve Wittich

    Looking forward to seeing you race over here

  • Sam OGara

    Can't give much but hope you have a great season! Best of luck

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