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With the start of the Olympic qualification season on April 1 2019, Alex is hoping to compete at the international fencing events that form part of the Olympic qualification process for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Alex is a member of the Australian Fencing Team and has won National Championship titles at U15, U17 Cadet, U20 Junior, U23 age groups as well as a podium finish at the 2018 National Open Championships. His full international and national fencing biography is available here.

His international results include medals in Asian Zone Cadet & Junior Championships (Teams), Commonwealth Open Championships (Teams), Oceania Junior and Open Championships (individual and Teams), and most recently Bronze at the Tokyo Junior World Cup. In the past few months, he had top 8 finishes at a major Junior World Cup in Greece and also the Open Commonwealth Championships.

While he has world class coaching in Melbourne, fencing is a niche but actively growing sport in Australia. Funding for elite fencing in Australia is extremely limited. While he has been generously offered training camps in Japan, (Japanese Fencing Federation) Poland (FIE) and to take sessions in various places such as Geneva, and despite this support at international level, Australian fencers self-fund.

Earning international ranking points requires competing in World Cup circuits predominantly in Europe, Asian Zone and World Championships. To his credit, Alex, if not part of an Australian Fencing Federation tour, makes his own way around the globe. Equipment costs are high, as are competition entries, travel, training and competing on the Australian and International Circuits.


Alex has been selected to compete at Asian Zone and World Championships at both Junior and Senior Levels in 2019 but his ultimate outcome is competitive representation in the year-long Olympic qualification process for Tokyo 2020.

He greatly appreciates any contributions towards his aim of reaching the highest eschelons of Fencing and eventually contributing to the sport in Australia, sharing his discipline and sportsmanship. The last is already cemented through him offering an opponent a working Épée in an International Gold Medal match in Canada aged 15, which otherwise would have led to a default win: Alex won by fencing, not misfortune.

Thank-you for your generosity.

  • Wai Yu Ada Ng

    Well done Alex! Wish you success in your competition.

  • Marlene G

    All the best Alex!

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