About the project

My name is Louis (Muhlen-Schulte), I have had a dream of competing as an Alpine Skier in a Winter Olympics for as long as I can remember (see photo of me age 10, setting the goal and on the way to achieving my dreams of being an Olympian). Regardless of the many changes throughout my life skiing has always been the one thing that I refused to let go of.

As far as goals go it’s a big one – there has been moments along the way when other directions may have been easier, but I have stayed with Alpine Skiing and am still training and racing in all 5 disciplines (SL - slalom, GS – Giant slalom, AC- alpine combined, DH- downhill and superG ) , even adding a 6th the dual slalom format when I can.

This is big,(I know) it takes commitment and resources to perfect any one skill let alone master the breadth of what it takes to achieve excellence in 5 disciplines, but I have been giving it my all accessing and exploiting the best opportunities and resources I can. I am currently ranked within the top 200 or below (FIS male ranking) in the World, in 3 of these disciplines.

I have now chosen to commit even more heavily toward 2 or 3 of these disciplines, this allows me to commit more time and energy towards the events I believe I have the best opportunity in.


I have memories of tagging along with my big sister to ski school at Hotham, where we have been skiing since I could stand. There are some who’d say Hotham is where I harnessed the ‘go fast and go big or go home’ attitude, to a more skilful and focused ‘carve and control with speed’ down the hill. This is thanks to teamHOTHAM, my many coaches and growing up at Hotham and in country Victoria.

Competition for me for many years was all about the Australian Interschools, from age 5 I wanted to race, I finished races on one ski, missing poles, doing anything I could to cross the finish line! I’ve learnt lots along the way.

At school I gave any sport a try, rugby, athletics, rowing and swimming (not so good at that). But, my passion and focus and desire for skiing never left and I have been focused on it solely for the past eight years.

What I've Been Doing 

The journey so far has taken me around the world, I had the opportunity to compete in some international racing as a junior in Whistler at the Whistler Cup, as well as other races in Canada. I have competed in several (Junior) World Championships and a Junior Olympics (here (Lillehammer 2016), my efforts earnt me a bronze medal in SkierX), I’ve achieved some of my best results at these international events.

My primary training and racing opportunity in the past 4 years has been in North America where I’m attending college – Montana State University and with great time management and hard work I have managed to juggle a full-time college load and race the NCAA series, NorAm, the occasional ANC and even a World Cup start. 

I believe my best is yet to come, which is why no matter the heart ache, loneliness and effort involved, I try my best to train, compete, adapt, and improve every day.

What’s Next

Now, is the turning point, it’s the next phase of focus and commitment. I am ready to face new challenges in my quest to be the best. I recognise I need a bigger base of supporters and enough money to train and race in Europe in this part of the journey.

I need to focus my resolve and efforts to really begin my ‘Alpine Assault.’

I have set a realistic budget,– anyone who knows me knows I will reign in all my expenses, I can cook, tune my own skis, drive long distances, couch surf and more to make things happen, but the hard truth is that I simply cannot do it alone.


Bottomline, I need to access great coaching that is well connected and can access training piste and are equipped with all the resources (gates, video etc etc) so that I am able to maximise my time on-snow in Europe.

This is where I need the support of everyone I have met and know all around the world –

They say it takes a ‘village to raise a child’ well it takes the support of all ‘my friends’, their families, their networks, their villages and more to fund a ski racer on their journey to reach their goal.

In Australia jump onto the Australian Sports Foundation Platform (you will get a tax break for donations of $2 or more).

If you have any questions, please email;

  • Alpineassault2022@gmail.com

What to see more of me and what I achieve as a ski racer hook into this footage;

  • Jack Everitt

    Good luck Louis, you have our full support.

  • Betty Mihalakos

    Wishing you much success in your journey Louis!!! Always supporting you from Betty, Paul and Christian- Hotham Race Club

  • Glenn Rogers

    Follow your dreams and good luck Louis. You have a nation behind you. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Tj Muhlen

    So awesome! Let’s get this Alpine Assault to the moon!

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