About the project

The fundraising will help me focus entirely on my training and competition to ensure i get the best results on the international circuit. It will also enable me to pay rent closer to my training venue and assist in interstate travel costs as my synchro partner lives interstate. I have a significant financial burden from not having time to work as i am studying as well as training and it is a constant stress to be able to pay my rent and my bills. It will also allow me to take the necessary steps to see the best sporting professionals such as physio and massage and dietician when i am on the road. By assisting my performance overall, this will allow me to be a great contributor to my sport and hopefully bring in better sponsorship opportunities for Diving in Victoria and Australia.
  • Anabelle Smith

    Anabelle, This is a small donation and will not go far, but Felicity and I hope it helps you achieve your goals. Stay well Jeff

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