About the project

My name is Ava Dolan, I am an 11 year old black belt athlete competing in competitive Taekwondo. If you know me, you know how dedicated I am to this sport. I am working hard towards achieving my ultimate goal, being a representative of Australia for the olympics! To reach that level of competition, there are many, many years of training, competing, and travel to tournaments both here in Australia and also internationally. My short term goal is to raise $5,000 over the next 12 months to support costs involved with training, competing and travel fares. (you’re welcome Mum and Dad 😂.) This money will help me to compete at the tournaments I need to go to such as the 2019 Oceana Presidents Cup, Australian Open and Australian Nationals. 

Starting Taekwondo in 2015 felt like it was meant to be. I eagerly watched my brother train through the window at Oh Do Kwan taekwondo for almost a year before my parents finally let my sister and I join too. I absorbed everything about my new found sport, and graded consecutively until I reached my red belt. I was unable to fight initially, as I had some dental work that didn’t allow me to wear a mouth guard, so I continued to train at sparring until I was able to compete. During the time, I competed in Poomsae instead. I excelled, and won every competition. In 2017 I was finally able to compete. I loved the challenge it gave me to put my new skills to practise. I was selected for Nationals, and came third. I even won the award for best overall junior student that same year. 

In 2018 I received my black belt, and even won highest marks for a junior student. I was also selected for Nationals which were held in Bendigo, but unfortunately didn’t place.

2019 has been my first year of headkick fights. I am enjoying using my flexibility during competing. So far, I have won every headkick competition I have entered. 

I have now been selected to compete in the Oceana Presidents cup and the Australian Open in June this year.

I know this is a big goal, but a challenge I wish to succeed in if I wish to achieve my ultimate dream. 

 Thank you all so much for helping support my dreams! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I will post pictures/videos/and updates to this page as I move forward with this journey.

Ava x

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