About the project

As a lot of you know Baylin has been training in Karate since he was 5, In the last 12 months Baylin's achievements have been outstanding, he is currently National Champion and would like to continue to achieve milestones, the next of which is to compete for Australia. We have had several people ask how they can help, so we have now set this page up for you to make tax deductable donations to help Baylin with the costs associated with competing, including training and travel costs. This year Baylin will be travelling to Sydney for a training camp, back to Sydney for The Australian Open, to Auckland for the Oceanic Championships, to Caloundra for the Australian Nationals, and there is a possibility of going to Scotland for the Commonwealth Championships. Plus a number of Victorian Karate League tournament's and weekly training in Footscray. We are hoping to raise some funds for his training , travel and tournament costs. It currently cost $550 to nominate him for the team and just over $600 for the National tracksuit and bags. Along with flights, accommodation and tournament registration fees. We greatly appreciate any help you can give him to make it into the Australian Team.


  • Ian Lesware

    Best of luck mate. Hope you reach the stars

  • Tracey Cherubin

    Congratulations Baylin,

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