About the project

After a successful World Championships in Argentina, the Paraoos turn their focus to the Asian Championships in Iran, November 2018. As a team we get minimal time together we so we must train hard as individuals to be prepared for selection. This has a huge financial burden. costs include: Personal training, football coaching, club registration costs, equipment. With a young family it is extremely difficult to train to highest level due to cost. Paying for a trainer would mean my son missing out on swimming lessons. I spend large chunks of time away from my family for Football and it is very demanding on them. Receiving support would allow me to train at the highest level, compete with the best in the world and focus on my football without the external worries. My family would not have to sacrifice financially for me to represent my country. I am dedicated to growing inclusive programs and supporting kids around the country looking for opportunities. I speak regularly at schools and clubs and would love to do more of it. With more stability I believe I can truly have an impact on those living with a disability. Football is a sport for all and I wish to continue showing what can be done.

  • Employ-Ease Pty Ltd

    Go luck for 2017 Ben & the Pararoos -truly inspirational.

  • Jason Barrie

    Good luck Ben, your an inspiration to us all.....not sure how you find the time !!!!

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