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Caitlin has been selected to represent Australia in the upcoming World Age Championships in April in Belgium in the Level 12 – 18 Acrobatic Gymnastics.

A lot of blood sweat and tears has gone into getting her there and she works extremely hard training 23+ hours per week, before and after school, and during school holidays, all whilst completing her senior years at high school, currently in year 12.

Whilst Caitlin is part of the Australia team there is NO government funding available and everything is paid for by the gymnasts and their parents.

The costs include a minimum of $5,000 per year for training, 2 – 4 leotards at $400 – $1,000 each and then there are many sessions at the physio to keep her going. This year is a different story altogether. The cost just for 1 athlete to attend the World Championships in Antwerp Belgium is approximately $4,500 for their travel and accommodation. On top of this there is the Australian team uniform cost of approximately $1,000 and this year there is also a mandatory international preparation competition being held in Las Vegas in the USA in February at an additional cost of $2,000 per athlete. She also attended a compulsory team training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in early January at a cost of $500.

Please help us support her to achieve her dream of representing Australia at the highest possible level as this sport is not yet an Olympic sport.

  • Angela Donohoe

    Good Luck Caitlin! Hope you and your team have great success!!

  • Moira Hewitt

    Good Luck Caitlin - You should be so proud of yourself - (Your Mum is proud :) ) xx

  • Thi Thuy Hong Mai

    Very proud of you. All the best to your comming challenge

  • Michael Zavaglia

    Congratulations Caitlin you have made your parents, sister, family and friends very proud of you. Keep up the great work.

  • Graeme Scott-Smith

    You go girl!

  • Maria R

    Good luck Caitlin and your team!

  • The Beals ..

    Congratulations Caitlin & Team. Do the Aussies proud xxx

  • Raelene Woods

    Good luck team. 👍

  • Nector Kougellis

    Congratulations Caitlin on all your achievements thus far. Give it your best and have some fun!

  • Vince DI CHIARA

    Good luck Caitlin! A great achievement to represent Australia - keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck :-)

  • Michele Wells

    Good luck Caitlin, you should be very proud.

  • Meegan Sunderland

    Good luck Caitlin!

  • Winson Lo

    Congratulations on your selection Caitlin. Best of luck in Belgium!

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