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My name is Campbell Harrison, and I'm a 23 year old Sport Climber from Melbourne, Australia.


Prior to the pandemic I was in the thick of my athletic career. Every year I would spend 3-4 months abroad competing in various competitions across the International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cup Circuit. Every season my climbing would improve, and I was becoming a stronger and more competitive athlete with every event I would attend.


As with many things, the pandemic put a massive road block in my way, and since late 2019 I have been unable to compete outside of Australia.


To this day, the obstacles surrounding international travel are incredibly complex, and at times feel insurmountable. One thing that is immediately evident is that a stint on the international competition circuit will be more expensive than ever before.


With the cost of hotel quarantine upon return to Australia, and the extra costs associated with securing a reliable flight home, the trip is going to cost around $6000AUD more than previous years. 


Initially the barriers listed above, alongside the risk of being infected with COVID-19 as an unvaccinated traveler, seemed too significant for me to consider. However, having recently received my first Pfizer jab with my second on the way, I began to realise the possibility of returning to what has always been the centre of my life.


Whilst I'm still scared and unsure about undertaking such a huge journey, I have been met with so much encouragement from others to follow my dreams and live with no regrets.


After a rough few years, I'm more ready than ever to get back to it and start battling it out on the International stage! Since 2017 I haven't been one to turn to crowdfunding for my athletic pursuits, however due to such significant extra costs, as well as a great deal of unavoidable expenses regarding my personal health in recent years, I've decided to reach out for whatever assistance people are willing to offer.


I've set my sights on competing in the following events:


WC Chamonix, France (LEAD) 12th-13th July

WC Briançon, France (LEAD) 17th-18th of July

WC Ljubljana, Slovenia (LEAD) 4th-5th September

WCH Moscow, Russia (LEAD, BOULDER) 15th-22nd September


Prior to and in between events I would be training at the Kletterzentrum in Innsbruck, Austria. This facility offers unparalleled training opportunities and has always been a staple in my preparation for the World Cups.


Any help would be immensely appreciated. I'm going to look into some ways in which I can give back to those who are keen to donate, so stay posted!

Keep in mind that donations over $2 are tax deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation.


If you'd like to learn more about me, you can check out the links below!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/campbellharrisonclimbing

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/campbell_harrison547/?hl=en




IFSC Interview, Briançon 2019: https://fb.watch/5WAurQ1Yej/


And of course I'd like to give a huge shoutout to my sponsors who have been supporting my climbing Journey! La Sportiva, Edelrid, and My Climb!

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