About the project

So, I made it! I’ve earned the privilege to wear the green and gold this year and represent Australia at the ITU world triathlon championships held on the Gold Coast in September. I will be competing in the sprint distance (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) and hope to get this done in a tidy 1 hour.

I am a member of the Triathlon NSW emerging talent squad which alongside my coaching team at HPT (high performance triathlon) has given me the skills and knowledge to get to where I am today. It takes a lot of early morning starts and late nights in all kinds of conditions (yep, that means bike skills in the rain or swimming at 5am in winter) but with a dedicated team backing me I have to be just as dedicated and do the work to keep improving and reaching my goals. This year it is to get on that start line of worlds in the best condition possible (physically and mentally)and continue that with a strong season in the Triathlon Australia national junior series.

It hasn’t been an easy road to get there. This last year I have had 2 operations and I was separated from my mum, dad and little brother who decided to come early whilst we were on holidays in New Zealand however I needed to return for school so spent 9 weeks without them. It was tough but my little brother showed me what true strength is as he fought to get home. My parents have taught me that there is always someone else fighting a harder battle than you so whilst you have to acknowledge and process what you are going through make sure you draw strength from those that can’t and keep moving forward. That’s what life is about, to keep moving forward. Now, don’t get me wrong, blow after blow can be a real hard go but with the support of my family, friends, coaches, team at HPT and the backing of Triathlon NSW I have been able to keep a positive mindset and push through to focus on my world triathlon journey.

I am asking for support as I would really like to help my family get me to worlds. Unfortunately studying for my HSC, training twice a day and only being able to assist casually in my families business doesn’t allow me to help out financially as much as I would like so any support would be really appreciated.

If you are unable to assist financially then that’s ok too. I just hope that my story has given you hope that anything is possible! 



  • Tony McGladrigan

    Go Cody, make us all proud!

  • Michelle, Jamie and Bentlee

    All the best Cody, we know you will smash it! xx

  • Ashlei Krebs

    Good luck xx

  • Linda B

    Go C.T!

  • Rhiannon Ponce

    Good luck

  • Amy Ball

    You are already a star in my eyes and I am so proud of everything you have achieved so far!

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