About the project

To reach my goals of getting to a state and national representative level for rowing, I need your help!

My crew and I have been training solidly through these past 2 seasons to get to the National Championships. Sadly for all competitors, last year’s championship was cancelled due to the Covid virus. 

I’ve been rowing for 4 years - training 7 days a week! Now, to continue my journey toward my goals, I need to get a competitive racing shell for my crew. There’s currently a second-hand Filippi coxless quadruple scull/coxless four available. Even though it’s not new it’s in excellent shape and is the current design. This will be an advantage of over 10 seconds on our current boat. Although the club my crew and I belong to is supporting us the best they can, they simply don’t have the resources or the finances to be able to obtain this top end boat. If we can get this equipment, it will place us on a level playing field with the large metropolitan clubs and private schools we’ll be competing with. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I welcome any donation you can make. Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductible! Can you go without a coffee this week to help me realise my dreams?

Help me be the best athlete I can be!

  • Xavier Clonan

    Will asked me too

  • Julian Hockey

    Mmmm filippi

  • Lesley Glenn

    Good on you fellas!

  • Nico OMeara

    Go get them Ballarat

  • Kara and Noel Linayao

    Congratulations on the mighty efforts of coach and crew. Best of luck in Tassie.

  • Giles Handreck

    Go get 'em boys!

  • James Mavity

    Some money so I can smash out nationals in our new boat

  • Tony Dann

    Great effort lads. Great to see young blokes being successful after much hard work.

  • Ebony Ebenwaldner

    It is such a pleasure to train with you guys! Good luck at Nationals.

  • Elizabeth French

    Good luck with the fundraising - I am happy to support our future champions !

  • Gwenda and Barry Lonsdale

    Good luck boys in Tassie

  • Dani Musicka

    Congrats on qualifying guys! After all the hard work you all put in, you deserve it! #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

  • Bet Salter

    Great efforts by all! Wishing you all the very best at the Nationals! Extremely proud Great Aunty Bet xxxx x

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