About the project

Conor was a talented 16 year old sportsman when his life changed forever. A scrum collapse caused a fracture dislocation and spinal cord injury at C4-C5, resulting in weakness and/or paralysis of the muscles in arms and legs as well as those required for breathing.

Conor’s injury is very serious. His youth, strength and determination have helped him to cope with the injury and will be critical for recovery and return to sport. But that will not be enough. The best management and optimal outcomes will require significant funding for equipment, therapy, and personal support.

Please make a tax deductible donation today and support Conor in his journey.

  • Roberta Kehren

    I am making this donation on behalf of my friend, David Green, who is celebrating his 60th birthday today (Happy Birthday, David!). Like Connor, David has displayed great courage over the years, jumping out of planes and parachuting, bungee jumping off bridges and the like (but not to give Connor any dangerous ideas!). Happy Birthday to David and best wishes to Connor - you both show amazing courage and determination in your lives and enrich the lives of everyone around you so much. Roberta xo

  • Nugent Family

    Awesome progress Conor, keep up the great work! Stay positive guys, our thoughts are with you

  • Jim MacPherson

    All the best Conor. Keep believing. Jim MacPherson

  • Brendan OMeally

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Connor and the family

  • Tony Kelly

    Donation From Albany Creek Junior Rugby

  • Lynne Moore

    Hi Conor Heard you are doing so well with your rehab. Hope it continues and that you enjoy your year 12 . Best wishes from Lynne and Rick Moore and their boys

  • Pip Byrne

    Connor, wishing you all the best with your rehab journey and a fantastic 2019 Pip Byrne

  • Brydie Parle

    Best wishes Conor and your family!

  • Samantha Edwards

    You are such an inspiration Conor! I truly feel as if you will get through this. Hopefully this can help in some way. Best wishes & positive thoughts

  • Tina Souvlis

    Hi Bec and Sean, I have been thinking about you all and hoping that Conor is making good progress. Love and our best wishes

  • Kim Maree Patapan

    I hope Conor and Tweedy family feel the love and support of the community around them. Healing prayers. xxoo

  • Paul Paxton-Hall

    Best wishes to you Connor; Ann and Paul

  • Luke Mann

    Great attitude, great family inspiring stride and refreshing. Well done to your family and school for such a good young man. Future will be bright

  • Michael Josephson

    All our love and support to the Tweedy family, and especially Conor. Michael & Melissa Josephson, Sam, Harry and Tom.

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