About the project

I have been in love with Highland Dancing since I was two years old and naturally started competing at four. I'm now twenty five and have represented Australia in countries such as America, Switzerland, Canada and Russia. In 2021, I will be travelling to Scotland to compete in a range of championships and Highland Games leading up to competing at Cowal Highland Gathering; where the World Highland Dancing Championships are held in August.

Unfortunately as Highland Dancers we are unable to earn enough money through our sport to consider it a full time career, therefore our travel and competition costs come out of our own pockets. As you can imagine, flights to Scotland from Melbourne are not cheap. Then there is competition registration, accommodation, class costs whilst overseas, dance shoes and costuming, as well as the physiotherapy and sports doctor appointments leading up the the competitive season overseas.

Flights alone are estimated at $2,000 return.

Accommodation for approximately a month will total around $2,500.

It has been my dream for the whole of my senior dance career to compete at the World Highland Dancing Championships and I would love every gesture of help in getting there. Please assist me in working towards this dream with a tax deductible donation

  • Cate McQuillen

    Danica, you are breathtaking! ....in every way. Your heart , your talent , your loving soul. You are passionate, true leader as well as a fabulous young woman. This will happen!

  • Emma and Mark Gallagher

    Go and chase your dreams Danica! xxxx

  • Julie Simpson

    We support you Danica. Love Abby, Julie and Wayne šŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œ

  • PETA Hamlett

    Best of luck to you lovely lady!

  • Emily Mafrici

    Didn\'t know anything about it very inspirational goal to follow your dreams.

  • Michaela Burns

    Your life is like Dance Academy and Iā€™m jealous of it every day but glad I get to be a reoccurring side character. Go dance ur dreams just like when Abi and crew moved to NYC to dance theirs.

  • Lachlan Rand

    Go forth and dance, young Danica!

  • Jocelyn Ballantyne

    Good luck Danica!!!

  • Moira Patten

    Danica your dedication to your craft is awesome! So proud of you. Best wishes šŸ˜˜

  • miranda miller

    Fantastic news Danica, good luck and thank you from all highland dancers for getting the recognition we deserve! šŸ˜˜

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