About Daniel Turner

Competing in the Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race which is held only once every 4 years has been a dream of Daniel's since he was a child and it has taken over 20 years to come to fruition. In 2016 Daniel purchased a yacht for the race and has been busily preparing ever since. As it is Daniel's and his co-skippers' intention to compete at the highest level possible for the event, the cost of the campaign has been much higher than anticipated. As a full-time employee, husband and father of three children to support, making it to this stage has been challenging and support is now required to make it to the start line on 25th March 2018.

Your donations will go towards sail purchases, solar panels, nutrition for the race itself which is anticipated to take 5 weeks as well as any pre-race transfer costs, accommodation and spare parts that are required.

The race itself is a 5,500 nautical mile, 2 handed yacht race starting in Melbourne and finishing in Osaka, Japan and it’s one of the only South-North long distance ocean races in the world. The route passes through multiple weather systems and seasons as it crosses the Pacific Ocean.

The course starts off from Portsea taking the competitors into Bass Strait and up the east coast of Australia. At some point boats cross the East Australian current into the South easterly trade winds, then through the Solomon Islands and the doldrums of the equator. It then heads into the North easterly trade winds and the equatorial current before fighting the Kuroshio (Japan current), which flows up the Pacific Coast of Japan. The race finishes in the port of Osaka on Japan’s Honshu Island.

Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to having you the Journey to Osaka representing South Australia!

  • Blade roundhill

    All the best for the Race Mate 💪💪💪 See you on the other side 🤙🤙

  • Dav Franzel

    Merry Xmas you guys!!

  • Naomi Cushway

    Have a fast and safe race.

  • Harry Fisher

    Keep pressing on Dan! The memories are worth more than any dollar value. Make it happen!

  • Val Hennessey

    Good luck Daniel @ Tom Show em what you got Can't be any harder than Running the Desert Don't drown please 💪🏿💕

  • Craig Raggatt

    Go for gold buddy. All the best.

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