About the project

My fundraising will primarily support my travel, accommodation and entry fees to Adaptive Surfing competitions both here and abroad.

Funds in excess of those needed for the afore mentioned will go towards design and manufacture of custom surfboards, training and coaching.

Access to funds will give me the opportunity to commit more resources to my training and competition.

Having placed 3rd in class at the last Adaptive Surfing World Championship my goal is to better this result.

Having already represented Australia at 3 Winter Paralympics as an Alpine Ski racer and won medals in both Slalom and Giant Slalom I understand the focus, determination and commitment required to reach the top end of elite sports.

Your support is appreciated in helping me attain my sporting goals

  • Mel Pikos

    Best of luck David

  • Billy Muir

    What an inspiration!

  • Michael Pikos

    Great work, All the best Dave. šŸ‘

  • Nick Barnsdall

    Good luck mate you are an inspiration

  • Nicholas Towers

    Good Luck and give it your best shot ! Nick

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