About the project

My name is Dylan Devenish; I am 26 years old and was chosen to represent Australia at the Oceania Fencing Championships 2012, the Oceania Senior Fencing Championships (2013), the World Cup Open Fencing Championships in Kazan (2014), the Commonwealth Open Fencing Championships in Scotland (2014) and the Asian U23s Fencing Championships (2015). Since I was very young, I have competed at State and National levels. I have represented Australia for U19s, U20s, U23s, Senior and Open competitions in Asia from 2011 to 2017 and in other parts of the world since 2012. My sporting dream is to represent Australia in more World Cup and World Championship competitions.

Fencing is a fast-growing sport here in Australia. It is a massive sport in Europe, Asia and America and is probably best summed up as three sports in one: Epee, Sabre and Foil. I am a Foilist. It is fast and furious, and you have to be fit. Four members are in a team, but only one is on the piste at any given time. Due to the level of intensity, you have three people in your team, rotating every three minutes with one reserve. There are also individual competitions for each type of sports weapon (Epee, Sabre and Foil). Google Fencing – you will love what you see.

I am seeking support from the community to help me be part of the Australian Fencing team. Firstly, the funding would help me recover from a Fencing injury. I have started treatments already and this entails laser therapy, platelet injections, physiotherapy, sports doctor and GP appointments and exercise physiology. There is very little state or national sports funding for Fencing athletes who get the chance to represent Australia unless you go to the Olympics (that is next!).

This is a big ask and I am hoping that through some online and local fundraising, my recovery and participation can become a reality. As it stands today, the costs for my rehabilitation expenses are $2,000. Future costs for further rehabilitation expenses are to be approximately another $2,000, after this will be training, travel and competition fees.

Through the Australian Sports Foundation, I have created a sports based ‘fund me’ page (but it is not Go Fund Me). The bonus of using the Australian Sports Foundation is that all donations are tax deductible so you can recoup some of your donation at tax time!

All donations, no matter how small, will help me represent Australia at the peak of my chosen sport at my age. I will keep you posted, and once I have recovered from my injury, you can follow my participation by checking the Australian Fencing Federation website: https://www.ausfencing.org/home/

My aspiration is to be a part of the wonderful opportunities that are set out by the Australian Fencing Federation and Team. Through my recovery and participation in the sport of Fencing you, your group, business or organisation will understand how important your donations are to me. Thank you, Dylan Devenish.

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