About the project

Elias Kahsay is a young athlete that has had to endure a tough beginning to life. He was born in Ethiopia and after the tragic death of both parents was sent to Australia with his siblings to live under the care of his Aunty who also has two children of her own. Elias' Aunty does her best to care for all of the children under her care, but extra activities including competitive sport are impossible without the assistance of the community. Both athletics clubs: Sunbury Little Athletics Centre and Keilor St.Bernards Athletics Club have been an enormous support to Elias and his aspirations, but the huge cost of sending Elias to Sydney to compete in the Australian Junior Championships is something only fundraising can achieve. It is very important for Elias to compete at the national championships each year, to ensure he gets the opportunity to compete against the best in Australia. This maximises his potential to exceed any of his personal best times and push him to the next level. Elias' ultimate dream is to compete in international competition - but without the opportunities to compete at national level, this dream will never become a reality. The support of Elias' athletics pathway can benefit the sport of athletics and the community in general. Elias has the potential, with his background to become an ambassador for refugees and migrants to Australia. He can show other children and young adults from similar circumstances that despite setbacks you can achieve great things with a positive attitude, determination and will power. All the positive things you learn by participating in competitive sport can be used to guide you through life into a young adult. It is import to show our communities that elite sport is not only an opportunity to those that are wealthy but that it is accessible to anyone with the talent and determination to do so.
  • Bosco family

    All the best with your training and studies Elias.

  • Laurel Kinross

    It is great to see your determination is paying off! Aim high Elias and enjoy the training too.

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