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This September 12 experienced karate athletes will be travelling to Japan for a training trip. I have been lucky enough to be selected as one of these students and am excited to have this opportunity of a life time. In Japan I will be training with top clubs and some of the world’s best trainers to develop my skills as an athlete and help to achieve my goal of becoming an international Karate competitor. I will be leaving 26th September and will be returning 8th October. When in Japan I will be visiting Tokyo, Sapporo, Hiroshima and Kyoto. Within these four places I will be watching the Karate championships as well as training with the university of Karate and with the largest shotokan karate club in Sapporo. As everyone would be, i'm very excited to be able to use this trip to advance my knowledge and the variety of my skills, and also develop the already existing skills I have. However, as you know, there are many expenses when travelling overseas and coming from a family of six kids, affording this trip has come a difficulty. Please help me to succeed my goal of becoming an international karate competitor by donating to this Japan training trip. Thank you so much in advance!!!

Ella Geritz

  • Craig Brown

    Have fun!

  • Merryn Bliss


  • Ross Vasta

    Ella congratulations on scoring this opportunity. I wish you all the best on your karate journey. Good luck in Japan, you're going to kill it!

  • Charlene & Steve

    Great work Ella.

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