About the project

My name is Eve Dowley and I am a 18 year old Slopestyle and Big Air Snowboarder from Otford NSW. I have been training and competing in Slopesytle and Big Air for the past 3 years, securing results to rank me 2nd in Australia for Women's Slopestyle. 

2017/2018 competition results:

  • Junior World Championships Cardrona – 11th Slopestyle , 12th Big Air 2018
  • USASA Nationals Colorado – 2nd Rail Jam, 5th Half Pipe 2018 
  •  World Rookie Qualifier Colorado – 2nd Rail Jam 2018
  • Australian Junior Nationals Perisher – 1st Slope Style, 2nd Half Pipe 2017
  • NZ Junior Nationals Cardrona – 1st Half Pipe, 2nd Slope Style, 2nd Big Mt 2017

I have just completed my HSC, so my sights are totally fixed on my ultimate goal, to qualify and represent Australia in the 2022 Winter Olympics. In order to make this happen my goal is to qualify for finals in World Cup competitions in 2019/2020 and podium in 2021. In doing this my goal is to also establish myself and an influencing female ambassador in snowboarding to inspire other young women to reach big, work hard and pursue their dreams.

To make this dream a reality takes not only extreme amounts of hard work both on and off the snow, building fitness and strength to ensure progression and help me avoid injuries but also substantial amounts of money. Due to the nature of my sport (snowsport) I need to travel independently and live overseas for much of the year. I currently work when I am home (Tops Conference Centre) and receive help from family and friends as well as gear sponsorship from my gear sponsors; Salomon Snowboards, Nikita Clothing, Yama Gloves, Modest Goggles and Standard Sock Co. 

Success does not happen without hard work ethic, a strong will and determination and the willingness to sacrifice a ‘normal’ teenage life but also the reality is success requires support in the form of financial backing. I have put this project together to assist in the training and travel costs for 2019/2020. Costs include - coach fees, airfares, accommodation, food, training facilities, physiotherapy and medical costs. 

I am eternally grateful to any and all donations.

Kind Regards


  • Bob Kircher

    Go Evie go!! We're so proud of you!

  • Amelia Dawson

    Get em girl! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kane Organ

    G'day Eve, Metropolitan Coal Pty Ltd Helensburgh is commited to supporting local athletes and the wider community. Good luck with the training and competition and your quest to become an Olympian. Keep on dreaming and inspiring and maintaining your passion for snowboarding. All the best, Metropolitan Coal Pty Ltd Helensburgh

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