About the project

Hi, my name is Fleur (17) and together with Nadia (13) and Tiahn (15), we are the Acrobatic Gymnastics 13-19 Women’s Trio from the Sydney Gymnastics Centre in Rooty Hill and we are working very hard to achieve our goal of representing Australia at the 2020 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Championship in Geneva, Switzerland.

You might not know what Acrobatic Gymnastics is, so before you keep reading, check out the video at the bottom of the page….you might be surprised.

To get to Geneva, we need your help!  Acrobatic Gymnastics is not a well-funded sport and 80% is paid for by the gymnasts and their parents (20% we can recover from local and government grants). We estimate that, for the 3 of us, it is going to take around $51,000+ to get to Geneva. This pays for 20+ hours of training a week, competition fees, travel, accommodation, 3 new competition leotards each, the Australian Team track suits (yes, even representing Australia at the World Age Group Championship is self-funded), and physio cost etc. This all adds up to that large amount and some of the parents have to work two jobs to finance this and that puts a lot of pressure on them.

You can help us via a fully tax-deductible donation. We each have our own fundraising page with the ASF and donations on this page will go towards the costs for Fleur.



After returning from Worlds in May 2018, our club’s teams got reshuffled and we became a trio together for the first time; all three of us have plenty of Acrobatics experience so we got cracking. Learning all new skills (the acrobatics elements in the performances) and three new dance routines.

Nadia (our ‘top’) started Acro in 2015 and competed at State Trials and Championships and only 2 years later became National Champion (with her trio back then) in the 12-18 age group. A year later she represented Australia at the World Age Group Championship in Belgium and placed 19th out of 27 teams competing.

Tiahn (base) has 10 years of gymnastics under her belt; starting off in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), she has done many State trails, State and National Clubs competitions up until level 7. In 2015 she switched to Acro and placed at State trails, State and National clubs in Level 7. She placed 2nd overall at the National Championships in 2017.

Fleur has been a base in Acro since 2011, starting off at Level 1 and working her way through the levels with her different trios. In 2016 Fleur became the base in an 11-16 age group women’s pair resulting in becoming National Champions in 2017 and selection for the Australian Team for the 2018 World Age Group Championship, where they made the finals and placed 10th out of 38 teams.

As you can imagine, hard work and dedication is required to compete at such a level; while going through high school, we train 20+ hrs per week; 4 days from 4 till 8pm after school and one morning from 6 to 8am and Saturday’s from 7 to 10am.

Per gymnasts, we pay around $5000 for training per year, $1200 for 3 leotards, around $9000 for 4 competitions (National Championships. National Clubs, Vegas Cup and World Age Group Championship) and another $1200 for training camps, competition gear and national team track suits and then there are the regular visits to the physio….

Please help us achieve our big goal of representing Australia at the 2020 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Championship and make a tax-deductible donation to the ASF. No matter how small, every little bit helps. Thanks heaps!

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