About the project

About me:

My name is Josh Cortes and I am Recurve Archer from Arrogone Archers in Tasmania. I represented the state in two National tournaments last year, placing tenth in the most recent of them. I am also part of the Archery Australia Regional Development Program and am aiming for the High Performance Squad next year.

I am a current Level 1 Coach and I am also on the path to become a National Judge in the next couple of years. I hold a senior role in the committee of my club and have been looking into ways to bring the sport to more members of the community. This has been done either through the increase of our available hours or through discussions with schools, the education department and our local council.

I would love to become a full-time athlete and to assist my club with providing a more full-time role in the community, however, I am not competing at a level where I can yet support those 

pursuits. While I consider Archery as my main sport, I would like to attempt E-racing for cycling in the future and possibly compete in Duathlons/Triathlons as well as events similar to the Raw


My Club:

Arrogone Archers has just become the third largest club in Tasmania, having received an increase in membership post lockdown. Located in Moonah, we're the closest Archery club to Hobart (approx. 5km). While we do not have any facilities, we have a lot of friendly faces who are more than willing to help introduce you to the sport.

About the project:

I am seeking funding to replace a set of second-hand recurve limbs. A new set would provide a much appreciated increase in both stability and performance. The other item I am seeking to

replace is my bicycle. This was purchased second-hand a few years ago and is a 

2013 model Trek Domane 2.3. I don't hold a full drivers licence and cycling is the best way for me to travel the 9km to my range. It's also generally quicker for me to get from A to B. While a number of the components have been replaced and repaired, it is heading towards the end of its useable life for me. Funding would allow for me to purchase a new bike that is the correct size and have it properly fitted. 

Your tax deductible donation through this platform with the Australian Sports Foundation, could make a big difference to my career to enable me to kick start into my journey to becoming a full time athlete. So please show your support and donate today!

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