About the project

I aim to raise funds to assist my endeavours to compete internationally at the Gay Games in Paris, France in August 2018. These games will be my 4th world games.

Attendance at Paris Gay Games (a world title event) will increase participation, inclusion, and personal best of all adults through sport and culture. This sporting and cultural event, open to all, is a model of social cohesion, mutual aid and sharing, valuing diversity, equality, and solidarity. 

Its purpose is: combating all forms of discrimination, based on criteria established by EU and French law, in particular sexual orientation and gender identity, promoting the recognition of the identity and freedoms of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) people in the context and ethics of struggles related to promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms; promoting health including through information and prevention on issues of STIs, HIV / AIDS, cancer, doping, drug use, and other risks; inclusion of specific programs to make Gay Games 10 accessible to the greatest number, including disadvantaged people or people with special needs.

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