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The Project is to raise funds for Hugh and his assault on Karting in Australia , Japan and Europe for 2019

If you have never meet Hugh and would like to know more please read more below or just check out is Social media on Face book or You tube and Instagram under Hugh Barter Racing.



******************************* ABOUT HUGH BARTER *******************************

Hugh was born in Nagoya Japan on 15th September 2005. His mother, Natsuki, is Japanese and his father, Chris, is Australian.

Hugh has always loved anything that moves—his rocking horse, his bike and, of course,

his toy cars. Even at age three, Hugh was fixated on driving. While watching the V8 race at Phillip

Island Victoria, he spotted a racing simulator and wanted to drive. Despite having to ask for help

operating the pedals because he was too small, Hugh collected a crowd of spectators driving around

Mt Panorama - not an easy track to drive. At the end of the race, people cheered. Hugh was hooked. All he could talk about that night was how much fun the simulator was.

Hugh was given a PlayStation 2 with pedal and steering wheel for his fourth birthday, and then as his love for driving grew stronger, he received a go-kart for his fifth birthday.

As soon as Hugh was old enough to get his license in September 2012, he did.

Since then, he has spent almost every weekend on a race track. Hugh has a very clear goal: to win the F1 World Championship.

From age seven, Hugh has been racing as a Cadet in Australia races. He has been very competitive in Cadets where most of the other drivers are between ten and twelve years of age. His lap times are similar to his competitors, and he consistently finishes in the top quarter of the field.

He “can’t wait” for race weekends and is always pushing to improve his race craft. Hugh listens to feedback and makes the desired corrections,and is technically very strong. Hugh as extraordinary self-discipline and understands that racing takes a lot of hard work and persistence. He is very conscious of his health and education, and he understands the commitment required to race at the top level. He is inspired to reach his dream of becoming a F1 champion by reading autobiographies of past and current racing champions.


Date of birth:  15 September 2005

Birthplace:    Aichi, Japan

Lives:        Melbourne, Australia

Occupation:   Race Driver / Student

Current Class: JMax & KA4 KA3 AND Maybe KA2

Interests:     Racing, F1, Online Racing

Ambition:    Become a Formula 1 Champion

Goals:       Win the Rotax Pro Tour and Nationals and Represent Australia again at the Rotax World Finals 2019 / Race in Japan and Europe in 2019

  • Mike King

    Can't wait to follow your journey again this year, Hugh. Go get 'em!!! Mike

  • Cecelia Hatswell

    Do your best


    Best of luck Huge


    Go get ‘em in Europe Hugh!

  • Mike King

    Follow your dreams Hugh.

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