About the project

My Name is Imogen Crampton, I am16 years old, 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and in my first year of competing at the Australian Karate Federation level, I have been selected as part the Queensland Karate squad to compete at the National Karate Titles in August.

I started Karate when I was 13 years old because I was being bullied at school. After my first grading and continued encouragement from my instructors, I attended my first tournament, a National All Styles Martial Arts Tournament, where I achieved a gold medal.

This year, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself more and started to train for the AKF series of tournaments, starting with the Queensland Karate State Titles in March. At this tournament, I achieved Bronze in my Kumite Kyu Grade division, then went on to achieve another Bronze in the Black Belt Division. This qualified me for the State Team.

The following month, I travelled to Sydney to compete at the Australian Open. I achieved a Silver in my Kyu grade division, the experience was invaluable and fuelled my desire to train harder towards my ultimate goal of being selected as part of the Australian Karate Squad

The reward of competing at such a high level comes at great financial cost. I need funds for team uniform, transport cost to squad training sessions (Squad training is held each weekend in Brisbane, 2hrs from home) & accommodation for the National Titles in Caloundra. I'm also competing in other tournaments to refine my skills, including attending training in Melbourne with my Head of Style and compete in the Victorian Karate League Shukokai Open in June.

My instructor has helped me set up this fundraising campaign through the Australian Sports Foundation, a bit like GoFundMe but with a HUGE difference, ANY donation over $2 is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

All donations, big or small will help me compete at the National Titles. All donations will be acknowledged and with your permission, I would like to post Thank You messages on our Karate Clubs Facebook page & Website as a public acknowledgement of your donation & support.

  • Amber Willey

    So proud of you Imogen!

  • Anonymous

    Wishing you all the best. Stay strong Work hard Train hard Get rewarded.

  • Sean Dunne

    All the best Imogen. Compete hard! がんばって!

  • Mark Passmore

    Happy to help you Imogen. "go get'em"

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