About the project

I've always been told I was too small to make it as a footballer. I wasn't given any chance in NSW and eventually when I fought to get to where I thought I had to be, after 1 season the owner of the club decided I was again, too small. 

I've come through some rough times. I took growth hormones to try and grow and my parents spent all their savings on trying to help me - so I want to show them how much that means to me. 

I was given a chance by an English Club to show what I could do - and they like me - and they've asked me to stay on. My parents have given everything to me and they've paid for my flights and accommodation in England. I'm only 16 and there on my own, as they can't afford to not work and come with me. I'm just looking to keep my chance and my hopes up and repay my parents. 

Please make a tax deductible donation today and help support my journey to become a professional football player.

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