About the project

Isabella Bozicevic has a deep passionate unwavering goal to be the no.1 tennis player in the world and the greatest tennis player Australia has seen in this century.

Isabella is currently ranked the number 1 in Australia for her age group and is the youngest junior player on the pro tour circuit and the youngest to attain a WTA ranking.

Since 10 years of age the family have made serious commitments to achieving this goal, which have enabled Isabella to successfully become one of the best juniors in QLD and the country.

Her successful junior efforts have now led her to competing on the Pro tour circuit. The next important step in the success of Isabella's journey is to travel overseas to compete in the pro-tour events around the world and climb up the world rankings.

The funding will assist her to travel around the world to compete, providing funds for travel, accommodation, tournament fees, medical, food, the tribe expenses ie: tennis coaching, mindset coaching, physiotherapy, neurological training and strength & conditioning,

To be successful travelling is a big priority which will be approximately 7-8 months of the year. Without the athlete funding this will not be possible for the family to successfully achieve ongoing.

Isabella’s journey to the top will be very beneficial to tennis in Australia and many other sports across the country. Like any competitive sport in Australia, when a world champion is produced the flow on ripple effect is extremely inspirational and very beneficial for the next generation. When Australia produces a great sporting role model it becomes a very important aspect for our society. Isabella achieving her goal will certainly inspire many young tennis players across the country to chase their dreams and many other young kids to just get out there and participate in sport and life. The benefits will reach far greater than just the sport of tennis but also to many other domains throughout the community and country.

For more information on Isabella please visit www.isabellabozicevic.com.au

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