About the project

Hi, my name is Jaiden Lanigan. I am a 21 year old Inline Speed Skater from the remote city of Bunbury, W.A. The small club from which I come from only has one other competing member. I am currently studying and plan to enter the Health and Fitness industries. As well as my studies and high level training, I also work as a casual in a local Cafe and volunteer as a coach for my local Speed Skating Club.

Inline speed skating is a lot like the Ice Skating you may have seen in the winter Olympics with tight tracks and large packs, racing is quick and furious with the top skaters being able to exceed 60km\h. Races range from 100m sprints to 42km marathons with mixtures of points and elimination events.

 I have previously made the world team on three occasions for the junior grade. This year will be my first as a senior and I would like to step up to that level. This year I have organised a training stint a month out from the world inline championships so that I get the opportunity to train on the tracks (Australia does not have a bank track which meets the competition criteria to train on) and to train with the people I will be racing. Currently in WA I train myself on the roads and have to seek competition over east or over seas due to the current low profile of my sport and lack of facilities. To be able to access an opportunity to train and up-skill my own coaching skills at the same time and prepare for the highest level of my sport at the World Championships will help me develop further as an elite athlete and bring back skills and experience to WA to enhance the sporting opportunities for others.

The world inline speed skating championships this year are being hosted in the Netherlands. All funding from this campaign will go towards travel, accommodation, uniform and training costs while I am over in the Netherlands. This entire trip, costing around $6000 in total, I will have to fund off my own back. Speed Skating is currently a non-Olympic sport (hopefully only for the time being) so there is little to no funding with in Australia for Speed Skating athletes. It is also a little known sport competing against all the traditional sports with higher profiles and already established facilities.

Any donations given will be a great help no matter how small. Remember that donations can be claimed as a tax deduction at the end of the financial year. I have been acknowledged as an excellent role model for the sport and have demonstrated dedication and commitment, training on my own, travelling vast distances to events, family-funding my expenses for a healthy and focused lifestyle, competing in 10 National Championships all around Australia, 4 Oceanias, 3 World Championships and 4 Namwon Championships in South Korea plus 2 international marathons in China. I give back to my sport and community through volunteering at events and coaching.

  • Jenny Crisp

    Go for it Jaiden!!

  • Laurie Wilson

  • Andrew Lanigan

    Congratulations on your selection to represent Australia at the World Championships. Wishing you the best and give it your all. "The Man in the Arena"

  • Katherine McCann

    Onya Jaiden, Massive respect for your efforts!

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