About the project

My name is Jasper Albrecht, I am a 20 year old continental cyclist for X-Speed United from Castlemaine in Central Victoria. I am looking for support to help me race internationally across Asia and North America with the goal of turning professional in the coming years.

Along with me on X-Speed United are 3 other Australians, 6 Canadians and 6 Hong Kong cyclists.

I am trying to raise money to fund my racing expenses this year as I chase my dream of becoming a professional cyclist. This year is a big step up as I am racing for a continental team called X-Speed United which means I am travelling internationally to race across Asia and North America. We are racing in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Canada and Kazakhstan!

Each rider, as well as training for hours each day is encouraged to help find supporters of this new and ambitious team. Your support helps to pay for flights, accommodation, food, equipment and other expenses to allow us to perform at the very best of our abilities!

I would love your support for my first full year of international racing with the other motivated young athletes on X-Speed United. I am incredibly grateful for your interest!

  • Jasper Albrecht

    Fantastic dream Jasper! Go chase that rainbow. We love your passion and tenacity. Love Michael, Sarah, Sam,Max and Tom

  • Trevor Poole

    Good luck Jasper. We will be following you. Trevor Nicky and Lucy

  • Family Snowball

    Good luck Jasper, race hard, travel light and go make great memories. X

  • Juliet Allen

    Go Jasper!!! Love Juliet, Lottie and Pippa

  • Susie Burke

    Awesome effort Jasper! Can\'t wait to hear what it\'s like racing in Asia. What a great spectacle!

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