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In the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics I will require some support from my local community. I will have to reduce my work hours to enable me to fulfil my training requirements in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. I am fundraising to help cover the costs of everyday living expenses such as mortgage, food, petrol, travel expenses and training costs. I also require a new kayak which costs $7,200.

The 2019 World Championships are taking place in Szeged, Hungary in late August and I am aiming to race the K4 500m. This competition also double as the first opportunity to secure positions for Australia at the Olympic Games. To be at my peak for this competition, I am required to train extensively with my teammates who all live on the Gold Coast. I also work as a paramedic in Sydney. I love my job as I get to help my local community but fitting in my training sessions around my shift work schedule has its challenges. This means I complete my paramedic shifts in Sydney and then on my days off from work I travel to the Gold Coast for intensive team boat training. This commitment takes a lot of sacrifice but one I willing to take to have a great performance at the World Championships. If you are able to support me specifically during this time, it would be amazing! All donations and support would go directly to support my training commitments as I have a reduced capacity to take on additional paid work. My aim is to raise $5,000 by August.

My aim is the be the best paddler I can be in the hope to represent Australia with pride and passion. I want to show all Australians how beneficial being active can be, especially when you set yourself high goals and work hard to achieve them. Kayaking is an amazing sport as anyone can jump in a boat an enjoy our wonderful environment here in Australia. Elite sprint kayaking requires a few more skills. A racing kayak is very unstable, so it requires a lot of balance and technique to paddle efficiently. Add a lot of strength, speed and power and you'll be ready to charge down the race course!

I started kayaking in 2001 through a Talent Identification program at a local kayak club in Narrabeen. My first kayak coach told me "don't fear to dream big". So I started thinking what it might be like to race for Australia and go to the Olympics. After many years of hard work, dedication to become the fastest, many setbacks and perseverance and I achieved my goal. In 2012 I raced for Australia at the London 2012 Olympic Games. I got goosebumps from head to toe when I walked into the Opening Ceremony and realised I had just achieved my childhood dream. Racing in front 20,000 screaming spectators and the rest of the world was very special. I placed 9th in the K4 500m event. But it has left me wanting more. I want to win an Olympic medal.

I am now aiming for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. At the 2018 World Cup in Szeged, Hungary I won a silver medal with my teammates in the K4 500m. We have only been training together as a crew for 2 months prior to this. This result gave us great confidence in our abilities and our potential to mix it with the best in the world. At the 2018 World Championships held in Portugal we placed 7th in the K4 500m and 8th in the K2 200m.

I live in Sydney and train on Narrabeen Lake. My team mates all live on the Gold Coast as our sports National Training Centre and Australian Institute of Sport is located in Mermaid Waters. I travel extensively for training camps on the Gold Coast, also to domestic regattas all around the country and I compete internationally mainly in Europe twice a year. I train 3 times a day with a mixture of paddling, strength and conditioning and cross training such as running and cycling.

On top of this I am a fully qualified paramedic and work full time in Sydney. My work requires me to do 2 day shifts and 2 night shifts each week. I had wanted to become a paramedic since I was 10 years old. I followed this dream by completing a Bachelor of Nursing after school and then went on to complete at post graduate degree in Paramedics. I have been working as a paramedic since 2016. This job is so fulfilling and I really love going to work each day, knowing I can help make a difference in difficult situations and be involved with our community.

Balancing full time work and my training and racing commitments is very difficult. But I pride myself on my time management, communication, hard work and flexibility to make it all work.


All donations will go directly towards supporting my journey to the 2020 Olympic Games. Remember your donations are tax deductible!


Your consideration and support is greatly appreciated.


If you would like to follow my journey, the best place to keep in touch is through my social media sites. Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest paddling updates.





Top recent results


National Championships – K4 500m & K2 200m 1st, K1 200m & K2 500m 2nd


World Championships – K4 500m 7th, K2 200m 8th

World Cup 1 - K4 500m Silver medal

National Championships - K4 500m & K2 200m 1st


World Championships - K1 500m 9th

World Cup 3 - K1 1000m & K2 200m 2nd

National Championships - K1 200m 1st


Oceania Championships - K1 200m & 500m 1st

National Championships - K1 200m 1st


Career highlights

Olympic Games - London 2012 - K4 500m 9th

World Championships - Bronze medal K2 200m

World Cup - multiple medals - gold, silver, bronze (2008-2018)

12 time World Championship finalist

16 years of Australian National Team representation (2004-2019)

Ranked number 1 in the World - ICF World Cup series 2010

38 time National Champion

Australia Day Ambassador (2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)

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