About the project

After first being introduced to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in 2015, I fell in love. I grew up being incredibly average at most sports and didn't enjoy a lot of the environment around team sports. Finding Ultimate opened my eyes to a new perspective on sport, where sportsmanship is just as important as winning. After my first year of playing, I said to one of my friends "I would love to be able to play Worlds one day" but I thought my shot was long-gone given that I picked up the sport at 23 (when most start in undergrad at uni or earlier). When presented with the opportunity to play with Newcastle Pie Wagon and represent Australia the World Ultimate Club Championships in 2022, I jumped. I knew I would regret turning down the opportunity.

However this is where fundraising comes in. Ultimate is a very accessible sport at a grassroots level, but being a niche sport it is all self-funded. We don't get paid to play, we don't get sponsors - we pay for the privilege of playing. Playing at a high level comes with a number of costs and a Worlds campaign very easily exceeds $5,000.

A rough breakdown of what the estimated cost (in AUD) looks like is...

  • $200 for uniform
  • $600 player fees for the tournament
  • $600 for accommodation at the tournament (10 nights)
  • $1,500-2,000 for return flights for the tournament (subject to pricing and availability given COVID)
  • $500-1,000 travel costs to Newcastle (from Melbourne) to attend weekend-long training camps once a month in the tournament lead-up
  • $300 for travel insurance
  • Approx $1,500 for a probable "pre-tour" where the team will visit multiple US cities to train and have practice games against other teams in preparation
  • + additional money spent on personal training/gym and countless hours spent training both individually and with my team

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated - and will always be repaid with a throwing lesson! Thanks to the Australian Sports Foundation fundraising platform, any donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

  • Andrew Walsh

    Congrats and good luck!

  • Cherie Colyer-Morris

    Woohoo congrats Katie!! You’ll nail this!

  • Cody Haas

    Good Luck Katie!

  • Chantelle Jones

    GET IT GIRL! <3 Chantelle :)

  • Mary Anne Rumble

    Go Katie! You are incredible and we will be cheering you on!

  • Heath McNally

    Good luck Katie! Can\'t wait to see how you go!

  • Luana Tosti-Guerra

    Good luck my girl - I\'m so proud of you. Love you endlessly x

  • Jim Liu

    Go Katie! Bring back the silverware!

  • Jonathan Tay

    Al the best Katie

  • Alastair Hovington

    Best of luck Katie!

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