About the project

I grew up in the remote Goldfields town of Leonora, Western Australia. I am a career athlete in Track and Field athletics, specialising in the heptathlon and am considered one of the best in that event in Australia.

Regrettably, I have had a very difficult financial time in pursuing my athletic career and am looking for some support to enable me to achieve my full potential.

For high school I moved away from my parents to Kalgoorlie for better education opportunities at John Paul College. I started my Athletics career later in life than most, I was 20 when I did my first competition in WA, and it was nearly two years before I started developing a real passion, and taking my training commitment seriously. Before that I would go back to Kalgoorlie to work on the mines in my Uni breaks working 13 days on one day off to save up money to support myself in Perth. 

Once I got to a certain National level, I decided to give up my job track work riding race horses, as it’s physical effects were influencing my athletic performance. That turned out to be a good career move, as the next National Championships, and the ones thereafter, I received a silver medal to be second in Australia for three consecutive years. 

I run both circuits in athletics. There are the professional handicapped races, which are worth prize money in which I have won quite a few. And then the amateurs, which has no monetary support, only the hope of someday representing Australia. 

My event, the heptathlon, comprises of 7 track and field events: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin and the 800m. 

To make it to the level I have, in the time that I have, I have arranged my life such that I can get the best out of my training and my recovery. Therefore, I do not work full time. I have a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Wildlife biology, a Minor in Mathematical modelling and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Math/Science teaching. I work part time as a relief teacher, and will also take on half time long service/maternity leave cover teaching contracts. On top of that, I also coach kids athletics. I train 6 days a week, sessions ranging from 1.5 hours a day and sometimes up to 4.5 hours. At the Commonwealth Games trials last year, I finished second, with a qualifying standard, however unfortunately was overlooked for the team due to lack of previous exposure. I decided to relocate to Melbourne at the start of the year to open up opportunities for my athletics as well as my life in general. I have recently returned from my first competition representing Australia, the Oceania Area Championships where I won a gold medal, and broke the championship record. 

I have a wide variety of interests: it is of my strong belief, that you can improve yourself and learn anything you want, if you put the appropriate amount of energy into it. 

I am passionate about promoting personal growth, life skills and commitment, especially to those in rural communities, and those in my hometown of Leonora. I am the event Patron for the Leonora Golden Gift and I take this position seriously and with pride. 

Donations over $2 are tax deductible, your time and consideration is so warmly appreciated. 

Many Thanks,


KEY ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS                                               

7x winner of the Leonora Golden Gift 120m sprint

2013 Women’s Bay Sheffield 120m gift winner

State Athletics representative 2014 – 2019

2014 British Combined events Championships Silver Medal - Women’s Open Heptathlon

State Champion Women’s Heptathlon 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Additional State Champion titles in 200m, shot put, javelin, hurdles

2016, 2017, 2018 Australian National Championships Silver medallist – Women’s Open Heptathlon

2016 Australian Uni Games Champion and record holder – Women’s Open Heptathlon

Australian Uni Games Champion 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016– Women’s Open Heptathlon

2016 British Combined events Championships Bronze Medal - Women’s Open Heptathlon

2016, 2014 Murdoch University Elite Athlete ‘Maroon Award’

2014 Murdoch University Elite Athlete of the Year

2016 Ballarat Women’s Gift Winner 

2018 Parkdale Women’s Gift winner

2018 Stawell Women’s gift favourite (backmarker)

2018 Bunbury Geograph Women’s Gift winner

Achieved the Commonwealth Games ‘B’ qualifier – Silver Medal 2018 Commonwealth Games trials

Represented Australia at the 2019 Oceania Area Championship – Gold medal Womens open heptathlon

2019 Oceania Area Championship record holder – Women’s open heptathlon

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