About the project

My name is Laura Trezise and I’m an Indigenous grade 12 student from Atherton, Far North Queensland. I was recently selected to represent the U19 Girls Hockey Queensland School Sport team. The competition will be held in New Zealand from October 1st to the 13th.


Field hockey is a popular sport throughout Australia. However, it’s sometimes confused with ice hockey, which is played with a black puck rather than a white ball. Field hockey can be played on grass, synthetic turf or an indoor board surface. It's fast paced, exhilarating and you have to be tough. All higher-level competitions are played on synthetic turf as it creates a faster and smoother game.


My constant position on the field is goalkeeper, one of few from my region! As a goalkeeper, you need explosive agility and sharp reflexes. You also must be able to read the play to help and direct the team. Goalkeeping can be very dangerous as solid hockey balls are whacked from a short distance away!


I'm asking the community to help me play my best hockey and to kick butt in New Zealand. But first, I need help to get over there! Coming from a low-income family background, it is difficult to travel overseas and tour with my team. Furthermore, to ensure my safety on the field and that I do my best, I have to upgrade my tattered gear.


Although it is short notice and a huge ask, I am confident in my local fundraising and my community that I will receive as much help as possible. With support, my chance of playing great hockey with the Kiwi's will come true! Currently the estimated cost covers only accommodation, food and travel expenses at $3500. However, this does not include gear and the uniform levy.


My dad and I have organised this Australian Sports Foundation page as a starting point for my fundraising. The bonus of using the Australian Sports Foundation is that all donations are tax deductible so you can recoup some of your donation at tax time! I would be very grateful for any support!


  • Annette Trezise

    Have a great time and proudly represent your State and Australia.

  • Ian Day

    All the best Laura hope this helps a little for your trip to NZ do good 😀

  • Lindsey Mallie

    All the best over in NZ Laura :) Do you best and I hope you enjoy yourself love. Love you darling from your cousin Linny Mallie

  • Paul OBrien

    Good Luck Laura!!

  • Seth Weare

    Good Luck Laura!

  • Venetia Takkos

    What a wonderful experience for you Laura! Have a great time and enjoy every minute. Best wishes to you and the team!

  • Robyn and Tony Ellen

    Well done Laura. We know your Dad from way back. I did Senior with him and Tony flew with your grandfather, Percy, with Ansett. Good luck!

  • Jane Curcio

    Go Lozza!! Enjoy and play hard, like you always do. Cheers from Tony & Jane, Atherton Tableland Concreting Pty Ltd

  • mattanddan canberraOZ noonanthecapital

    Way to go Laura! (& matt!) ❤️ best of luck! 🏑✈️ matt & dan in the capital xx

  • David Coles

    Go Trezeezy (Laura)

  • Mia Blu Honeyman

    Gooo Lozzza!!!

  • Elizabeth Hoole

    Hi Laura As a school friend of your dad & ex Cairns, Atherton, great achievement, hope all goes well & that you & the team have a fun time in NZ.

  • Matt Trezise

    Laura is a talented goalie, but more important, she is working very hard to be the best she can! Please help send her to NZ with the Qld U19 Team.

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