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I am an aspiring Sprint, Marathon and Surf Ski Kayak athlete 🙋🏼‍♂️currently living in Adelaide, Australia.💦

My interests range from fitness to sports. I am also interested in football, gaming, and movies.

I was identified as a potential kayaker through the SASI TID program in South Australia, 2015 🏃‍♂️. I remember that year very well, because there were over 7000 people that were tested, and it made the nightly news. 🎥

I was really excited at the possibility of becoming a athlete, as long as it wasn't Kayaking, because I was really afraid 😰 of the water and I couldn't swim.

When I was invited back for more testing, i thought I had a chance at being selected for a sport, and I was hoping like crazy 🤪 that it was cycling. My mum, wasn't able to go with me to my testing because she was very sick 🤕 and recovering from an operation. I remember clearly telling her that there was NO WAY that I was going to do Kayaking, even if I was selected. But I will never forget her words that she said to me that day:

"Liam, what if your greatest success, lies behind your greatest fear?".

That was really challenging to me, and well I guess you can see what i was selected for 😂.

From the moment I saw the "Patriot" at the information night, (Adam Van Koeverden and his journey to the 2012 Olympics), 📺 I knew I wanted to do this. To take this sport as far as I possibly could go. I wanted to represent my country at a world level. 🌏

I signed up that night and started training the next day (with a life jacket!) at West Lakes Canoe Club.

I have trained twice a day ☀️ 🌧❄️, every day since (except Sunday, thats my rest day), and I have even joined Grange Surf Life Saving Club 🌊 and train on the Surf Skis, and paddle with a really great coach and crew at Holdfast Bay Canoe Club for long distances. ⏱

My strength and conditioning coach, Andy🏋️‍♂️, has been training me for the last 2 years. He has been not just my coach, but my mentor and friend 😎.

This journey is not just about me, its about people seeing that fear doesn't have to hold you back from trying.

Its about connecting with other people and the part you play in their journey.

I think we are all connected somehow.

It was exciting winning gold 🥇at the recent marathon nationals with my K2 partner. This gained me selection to represent Australia 🇦🇺 as a Jnr in the K2 event, at the International Canoe Federation Marathon World Cup 2018 in Portugal ✈️.

I am part of a team, and I don't want to let any of them down.

Without supporters like you✊, I won’t have the chance to thrive, grow 🌱and compete ✈️ and be as successful as I can be!

Every donation counts, no matter how small! 🙌

Thank you for your consideration, ongoing support and loyalty.👏👏😀

I would also like permission to be able to give updates via email about equipment purchases, training and competitions that I am competing in, as well as to say thank you over my social media accounts.

  • Rex Patrick

    All the best Liam. Please keep my office informed of your progress. Regards Senator Rex Patrick

  • Michael Plush

    Congratulations on your Junior Australian team selection. We look forward to seeing you develop into a world class athlete. Good luck in Portugal!

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