About the project

Lilly Meldrum is a very active 11 year old girl, she likes playing sports. Lilly has been a

school athletics age champion and has represented her school at the Queensland State

Cross Country Championship. She plays club and school touch football. Aside from that

she is also one of the school captains.

Lilly began playing pool as a backyard hobby with her dad several years ago. After trying

coaching at the age of 9 Lilly has quickly evolved into a keen snooker player. After a few

months of coaching it wasn’t long until Lilly developed a passion for competition and

tactics. Her coach got Lilly involved in a few tournaments and then suggested we take her to

2018 National Snooker and Billiards competitions in Adelaide. Lilly was the runner up

in the mixed under 12’s in this tournament and competed in the under 18 girls tournament. Over the months of playing in different tournaments and coaching her playing tactics improved. After only 18 months, Lilly won the 2019 Australian Under 12 mixed gender and Under 18 Girls Snooker


Due to her outstanding performance at the table, our daughter Lilly Meldrum, has now

been selected to represent Australia at the upcoming world under 16’s snooker

championship to be held in Russia in August. Lilly’s achievements have been covered in

the Brisbane West Local Bulletin, the Westside News and now by Triple M radio.

Lilly’s dream is to represent Australia in the sport of Snooker on the world stage in

Russia in August 2019. To do this we need to raise enough money for Lilly and an

accompanying adult, approximately $5000. The Australian Snooker Council has pledged $1000

but we do need to raise a few thousand more dollars.

This is an amazing opportunity for someone so young to represent her country as a young

girl in a sport that is traditionally associated with males. There have been several well credentialed players and coaches who have said Lilly has a real chance of becoming a world champion.

  • Frank Galanos

    All the best Lilly!

  • Luke Heinzel

    You Go Girl!💪🏻💪🏻

  • Valentin Georgiev

    Good Champion, you make Australia proud.

  • Lon Scott

    Good luck Lilly

  • Ryan Melrose

    Run out on em.

  • Stuart Greig

    Saw the interview on SkyNews. What a great opportunity ... I am sure you will give it your best shot :)

  • Pauline Grogan

    You have so much talent so now I wish you success. Good on you Lilly

  • Diana Walker

    Best of luck Little Lilly !!


    Lilly, we saw you and your Dad on TV with Alan Jones & Peta Credlin, and were very impressed with your achievements as well as your modesty. Good luck with the tournament in Russia, and beyond ... and most importantly, have fun! John and Emma

  • Kenneth Graham

    Here is a little help you deserve to get you on your way to Russia and hopefully to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield one day.

  • Stephen Hick

    I love the game and your story touched my heart well done to your DAD and you of course

  • Mario Kos

    Well Done Lilly. Go and shown them your Aussie might

  • Ray Dillon

    Lilly, You are exceptional, good luck with all your aspirations

  • Christopher Moore

    Just saw you on Allan Jones, Peta Credlin show. Have a grand trip to Russia representing Australia.

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