About the project

Lisa's dream is to represent Australia at the 2018 World Pool Championships in Belgrade.

Following a massive disc prolapse, Lisa narrowly avoided paraplegia and has had a long road of recovery learning to reconnect with her body. A few years after her accident, she decided to try freediving during a trip to Bali. She loves the freedom and challenge the sport brings as well as the mind-body connection it requires.

After a year of training, she began competing in 2017. She finished as third place Australian female in Dynamic with Fin (DYN) at the Australian Nationals in May 2017 and won the overall bronze medal for the women at the New Zealand Nationals in September 2017. She recently finished 9th in DYN at the Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo. She hopes to use her achievements to inspire other people to overcome adversity and to never give up. 

As freediving is an unfunded sport Lisa needs to fund all her training and travel herself. Money raised through this platform will go towards Lisa's training, travelling and competition expenses and will enable Lisa to take the time off work to achieve her dream!

Photo by Erez Beatus

  • Debbie Allen

    Lisa you are an amazing competitor and I love our friendship because we could not be more different in our sport of choice if we tried :) xx

  • Brenton Head

    All the best, Lisa.

  • Naysan Baghai

    Dearest Lisa, I wish you all the best at Worlds. You will smash it without a doubt. Go get 'em! Nays

  • Jarrod Briffa

    Enjoy the journey - inside and out

  • Jody Fisher

    You're an inspiration and I couldn't think of a better role model for showcasing the sport and its values. Go Lisa!

  • Sam Wilson

    Your efforts to overcome your injury and not let it limit your lifestyle and achievements is inspirational Lisa. Good luck at the Worlds!

  • Andrew Kelly

  • Sheridan Clegg

    Go Lisa!(: xo

  • Ian Birdwheel

    Go deep Lisa!! Frm Loulou tootoo Xe&l

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