About the project

On 17th December 2015, my life changed forever. After returning from a four month deployment as a Marine Technician in the Navy, I was riding my motorbike home ready to go on leave for a much needed Christmas leave period. Only I never made it home, a distracted driver turned across my lane hitting my in the process.

I suffered a broken neck, eleven broken ribs, punctured lung, ruptured kidney, broken right hand, my femur was broken in four places, my femoral artery was split and my right leg was amputated. My heart stopped three times and I spent ten days in a medically induced coma.

I woke up, missing my right leg and my body was broken. I was suffering from PTSD and had no will to live. I spent the next few years in and out of hospital enduring 16 surgeries including two amputations.

I threw myself headfirst into my recovery, working with a team of physios to get my body back to my pre-accident condition. I wanted to redefine disability and see how far I could push my body.

The next few years, I re-learnt to run, ride a bike, snowboard, wakeboard, train in the gym. I set huge goals and grinded towards them step by step. I returned back to fulltime service in the navy before medically discharging in 2020. I competed at the Invictus Games in 2018 winning a Gold Medal in Wheelchair Rugby and a Bronze Medal in Indoor Rowing.

I decided this wasnt enough and went on to Represent Australia at the Obstacle Course 24 Hour Endurance World Championships, using my new found skills I also appeared on three seasons of Australian Ninja Warrior.

After medically discharging from the Royal Australian Navy in 2020 due to my mental health, I was lost and without purpose. I had a choice to live on my small pension and stay at home and just exist or to grasp my second chance at life and dive headfirst into Paracanoe.

Joining the WA Institute of Sport, Ive spent the last 18 months dedicated to kayaking. Toning down all my crazy adventures and focusing on my health, the routine and discipline was exactly what I was missing post military life.

I have managed to self fund a new $10000 paracanoe, however due to only having a small pension and being able to work a few hours a week around training where I work as a Personal trainer for people living with disabilities to increase their quality of life. There is not much money left to dedicate to my set up.

Prosthetics are extremely expensive with one of my legs costing over $160000. Unfortunately I am not entitled to NDIS funding and I am still yet to receive any compensation from the Insurance company. Sport prosthetics are not covered to due to not being a classed as a want not a need.

However for my Kayaking they are extremely Necessary, I have managed great results without them however to really chase that podium position, I need all the balance and power I can get.

As much as I hate asking for help, I am unable to reach the next step on my Paralympic journey without it. So please show your support today by making a tax-deductible donation of $2 or more, through this fundraising campaign with the Australian Sports Foundation. So thank you for your time.

  • Chris Bond

    Good luck with your fundraising mate, can't wait to watch you compete for Australia one day!

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