About the project

My career as a runner has been one riddled with highs and lows, but my passion to just run has never faulted. Whilst I love to compete, the greatest reward to run each day is to find a better me. It is not about winning or competing, but being able to push myself beyond what was once thought impossible.

I have been blessed with success throughout my career and have been able to make a mark in the record books. I currently hold the Australian Transplant Records for each event from 100m - 5km and the World Records for the 400m, 800m and 1500m

On the march to Malaga, Spain, I hope to achieve the triple, triple and bring home gold in the 400m, 800m and 1,500m at the World Transplant Games for the third time. 

This program will help ensure that with the sound of the starting gun I will be at my peak performance. It will ensure that my training is supplemented with high quality nutrition, coaching and programming.

I am on a personal endeavour to achieve, but wish to increase the profile for elite transplant athletes across the nation and ensure they have the opportunity to achieve their Sporting dreams.
  • Ben Hatcher

    Good luck Monty - well done mate - great write up in the Old Boys Newsletter

  • Jessica Piercy

    Best of luck Monty! It's your time to shine even brighter!

  • Jim Gallo

    Monty a wise man once said: "Bonesaw is ready" Soon you will become bonesaw and then my friend... You will be ready.

  • Max Graf

    You are a true inspiration Monty! I believe you can achieve your goals! Go out there and give it your all, good luck mate!

  • richie bates

    Monty: My part in his victory!

  • Nicholas Loukas

    Go Monty.

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