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Biography of Nicholas Carroll

Nicholas is a 17 year old who has proudly lived in the Blacktown area his whole life. Nicholas has spent more than a decade in the competitive Gymsport of Acrobatic Gymnastics. He has been five times overall NSW State Gold Medallist and four times Australian National champion and a NSW State Team member on numerous occasions.

Nicholas Carroll is an elite gymnast who can be proud of his remarkable career. He has made many sacrifices along the way. He has had to deal with the difficult time management issues that all elite athletes face in structuring academic studies, sports training and family time. These issues are often made more difficult by competition schedules and certainly impact on the total time available for academic study. He has maintained a year-round training schedule of 15-20 hours per week.  

Nicholas has spent the last three years giving back to the community coaching future gymnasts between the ages of 5 to 13 in Gymnastics and Acrobatics. He has an excellent manner and temperament with his students, is a strong team player amongst his training colleagues and is a focused hardworking athlete for his coaches.


Being part of this sport and representing the Australian National Team is a very costly sport.

The costs involved in this sport are quite considerable at around $5000 per year. Nicholas has an added expense, as he needs to travel from Colebee to Chatswood minimum four days a week for his training. This takes 1.5 hours drive with traffic each way and the cost of petrol and tolls which add up to approx. $13.10 each way on motorways. Nicholas requires three Leotards for his routines, which have come to a total of $2,500. Antwerp Competition is going to cost approx. $4,500. Nicholas will be attending international competition in Las Vegas in preparation for the World Championship in Belgium and this trip in February is costing around $2,500. As you can see costs are quickly adding up and we would be very grateful to have some relief to assist Nicholas in achieving his goal.

  • Greg Taylor

    Bring home the gold.

  • Susy Vlahovich

    Go Nicholas!!! I am SO proud of you! Keep training hard & never give up xxx

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