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Hi everyone. How are you? Hope your well. I am needing support this season as an athlete and am trying to raise money due to struggling financially. I would appreciate any help to achieve my goals and race this season. I am a full time university student and have a medical condition which I am finding it hard to afford the general expenses/bills as it is. I am at the stage where I may not be able race at all this season. Any donation would be appreciated and if you ever need help with anything I would be more then happy to support you. :)

My recent results from this season from 2019/20 include:

2 x Paddle Victoria Representative

Competed at the first ever Paddle Australian Canoe Sprint Olympic trials for Tokyo at the Australian Championships 2020

3rd (Bronze) Open Australian C1 Marathon Championships 2019

4th - (3rd) Australian Open C1 5km Australian Sprint Championships 2020

5th (4th) Australian Open C1 1000m Australian Sprint Championships 2020

5th C2 500m Oceania Championships Olympic Trials for Tokyo

Gold U23 C1 Victorian Marathon Champion

2 x gold and 1 bronze Victorian Sprint Championships 2019

1 gold and 3 x silver NSW sprint Championships 2019.

My goals I wish to achieve include:

Paddle Australia Sprint - Marathon - Whitewater Championships 2020/21

Seek Selection for Paddle Australia Teams to compete at the world Championships

Reach international qualification times for sprint events

to become Paddle Victoria (State Champion)

Get selected to compete for Paddle Victoria for the third time.

Any help would be appreciated (and tax-deductible), kind regards Emilie H

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