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The fact that you have clicked on my bio to read up more about me means that you are interested in my journey. Thank you first and foremost, I am grateful for your interest!

I qualified to play in the 2020 Symetra Tour. The Symetra Tour is the pathway to gaining status on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) - one of the top levels of women's professional golf . Many notable players have played this tour on their way to success on the LPGA. 

It will be an exciting year ahead for me and I would really welcome any support from those around me or indeed, anyone who is able and willing to help whatever way you can. Through the Australian Sport Foundation, donations will be eligible to a tax deduction.

Since the age of 13, I have played golf at an elite amateur level, with the last four years at University of Oklahoma (OU) on a golf scholarship. I graduated with distinction in Accounting from OU in July 2019. Having completed one of my life-goals of getting a university degree, I now am able to focus on another one of my life goals, and that is to fully realising my potential and pursue a career as a professional athlete and golfer.

My motto has been to achieve my best in whatever I strive towards and I have a great track record of achieving goals that I have pursued to date. 

Needless to say, any endeavour in elite sport takes more than 100% commitment. I know that my success comes from what I can control, my ongoing improvement and importantly, the team of supporters around me.

Competing successfully at the elite world level requires funding. As a fully self-funded athlete, the reality is that without financial help from family, friends and supporters around me, I will not be able to even begin this journey, let alone achieve my goals. Funding raised will be predominantly used towards

i)          tournament entry fees (20+ tournaments totalling ~ $17,000++)

ii)         transport costs

iii)        coaching, development, physio/sports health and training and,

iv)        living expenses. 

The budget has quickly risen to a 6-digit number as is.

I understand that money is hard to come by and earned, so I am so grateful to anyone who decides to support me in my endeavour. I will definitely not disappoint anyone in terms of my commitment and work ethic.

Any support towards my goals is greatly appreciated Thank you again for your interest in my golf pursuits.

A very special mention goes to the members of Woodlands Golf Club, my home course. It has literally been a home for me over the many years growing up and mastering the game, surrounded by people who have become extended family & friends. The support and love I received has been overwhelming and has been a spark that has spurred me on to be the best golfer I can be.

For more information about my career highlights to date, please click on this link. (highlight the link below and right click and select "go to http://www.dropbox..."


  • Andrew Dodwell

    Good Luck JSoo!! 🇦🇺 Doddy

  • Dominic Siow

    Jules, so proud and excited for you. Honoured to be able to make a small contribution which we trust will support you in your journey. Go for your dreams and remember, success and happiness is a journey not a destination! Keep playing to find and realise your highest potential knowing its how you conduct yourself, more than what you’ll achieve that’s going to be your most inspiring legacy. We’re with you all the way. Much love, Uncle Dom and Aunty Sue

  • Stephen Romic

    All the best Julienne ... enjoy the ride.

  • Swee Lim

    Best Wishes Julienne in your golf career.

  • Peter Chin Wei UU

    All the best Julienne Soo hope you win some LPGA tournament. God bless Peter & Susie U

  • Sonny Tan

    I always believe Julienne, you will become a bright shining star in ladies golf. Good luck from the Tan's family.

  • HoTeck Ng

    Firstly congratulations, you have come a long way Juls. All the very best in pursuing your dream. Go hit it straight and long. You can only do your best and stay true to yourself and GOD will do the rest for you (not sure if you remember this line). Will be following you closely and cheering you from down under. Hope to catch up soon - Your crazy fans, A. June & U. HoTeck.

  • Larissa Soo

    Best of luck for your tournaments Jules! We know you’ll kick this goal just like you did all the others and look forward to watching you in one of the majors as a professional golfer. Lots of love Larissa, Dave, Ella, Jack and Harry xx

  • K-J See

    Hi Julienne, It's great to know that you've resumed your journey to LPGA and your recent win in Texas. As you strive towards your goal, keep in mind that "When you reach that elite level, 90 percent is mental and 10 percent is physical. You are competing against yourself. Not against the other athlete." Stay focus and enjoy the journey! Best wishes, K-J

  • seelan singham

    Tamara and I wish you all the best as you chase your dreams!!!

  • James Stednik

    Hey jools, hope this donation helps Best of luck in your tournament.

  • Bev and Ross Eddy

    We will be following your career with great interest. Good luck and play well.

  • Gordon Tansey

    Looking forward to logging on to Golf Channel and the LPGA app early each day to see how season 2020 goes! Hit them well - and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! We all know you'll be great! Cheers

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