About the project

My name is Sophie Alchin and I am 15 years old. I first played indoor volleyball when I was 11 and have loved it since then. Things started to get serious when I started high school and I realised that there were so many opportunities to play indoor volleyball and I was encouraged to play at club level. Then I progressed to State level. By the end of year 8 I had been privileged enough to represent Western Australia at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships as an Under 15, had represented my school at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup and was invited to my first national development camp. My second year of volleyball was equally as amazing, I was fortunate enough to be selected for Western Australia for Under 16 and Under 17, represented my school at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup again (this time we won a bronze medal!) and I was again invited to a national development camp.

And then there is beach volleyball. I have represented Western Australia in the Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships as an Under 17 for the last two years.

2018 is looking great - I have been selected to represent Western Australia again as a Under 17 at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships. I will be travelling to Coomera, Queensland in October. I have also been selected for my school team and will again travel to Melbourne in December to compete in the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup.


All these trips have not only improved my volleyball skills but also my independence and ability to look after myself. Through volleyball, I have developed friendships and relationships with people from all States and Territories of Australia and we all are part of a great family – the Volleyball Family. 

Ultimately my dream is to play volleyball for Australia. But right now, I am focused on working hard, training hard and being the best player that I can be in a sport that I absolutely love.

I am seeking support from the community to help with the costs associated with representing Western Australia as an Under 17. The cost of this trip including flights, accommodation, food, uniform and travel expenses is approximately $3000. My family has to fund this while at the same time funding my younger sister, Elizabeth, who is also passionate about volleyball and is representing Western Australia as an Under 15 at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships in Coomera, Queensland in October and representing Western Australia in the School Sports Australia Under 16 Girls Volleyball Championship in Bendigo in August.

I am so grateful to have these amazing opportunities to play the sport I love, and I would really appreciate any donations which will help me to achieve my volleyball dreams.

And the great thing about the Australian Sports Foundation is that all donations are tax deductible.




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