About the project

My name is Sterling Tuxford, I am 9 years old from Camden New South Wales.  I have just been selected as a member of the Barbarians Oz Tag Team to compete at the National Championships, being held in Coffs Harbour in October 2018. 

Oz Tag is a fast and fun sport, which is really growing in popularity. It is played by junior boys and girls from all across Australia, and even has a World Cup for Seniors. 

My favourite sports are Oz Tag, Rugby League and Swimming.  I have made so many good friends by participating in different sports, and I am looking forward to playing against teams from other states (especially Queensland!)  I want to make some new friends at Nationals, and hopefully swap a jersey or two!

I am hoping to raise $2500 to help me (and my parents) with some of the costs associated with competing.  This includes competition registration, compulsory team uniforms, travel and accommodation to stay at Coffs Harbour.   

My Mum and Dad have created a fundraising page using the Australian Sport Foundation.  This means that all donations to help me are tax deductible, so you will be able to claim your donation back at tax time.  All donations will be greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small.  They will all be put to good use in assisting me have my first taste (of many I hope) of a National level competition!

  • Peter Tuxford

    Good luck Sterling. Just have fun! Love Pop, Nan & Blake.

  • Sarah Jesson

    Good Luck Sterling! Put our donation towards buying the uniform you need (we know it's a lot to buy)! We love you!

  • Te Haumi Maxwell

    Congratulations on making the team buddy. Do your best, play hard and most of all have fun. Also, make sure you thank mum and dad for their support

  • Karen Tuxford

    Congratulations Sterling! Good luck at Nationals

  • Maddison Pettit

    Good luck buddy !

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