About the project

I am one of the best skiers in the world for the U17 girls rankings but also the U21 and Open Women's rankings. I started skiing when I was 2 years old and that's where the passion first started firing up inside me. I have many accomplishments in my sport but my most notable are 14 National gold medals, number 1 ranking for Open Women's in Australia and 13th best in the World, 2 x Jr Moomba Champion, broken 8 QLD State Records and 3 Australian National Records, invitation to the US Masters and competing at the World Championships.

This season is incredibly special to me, as it is my return from 2 years off due to a severe car accident that left me with many physical injuries, but notably Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome. I came back stronger than ever to skiing after my recovery; and now I am selected to represent Australia at the 2021 Junior and U21 World Championships and compete individually in the Jr US Masters (The most prestigious event in the world!). These events have been the main motivation for my entire skiing career and they are finally just around the corner! 

However, to physically attend these events which are taking place in the USA I am required to obtain a P1 Athlete Visa which will allow me to travel to these events and stay in the US for the required amount of time. Your support will be so greatly appreciate and have a lasting impact on my career. So please show your support today by making a tax-deductible donation of $2 or more, through my fundraising campaign with the Australian Sports Foundation. 

  • John Paynter

    good luck with it, you seem like you have a great attitide and lots of ambition and a quirky supportive sister! :)

  • Shane Paxman

    So exciting Tayla, love your you tube video

  • Shane Jones

    Very exciting Tayla .... so happy to be involved !!!

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