About the project

This is the fundraising page of the 'Shaw and Partners Atlantic Crew' of Sam Horsley, Rob Wells, James Samuels and Louis Hugh-Jones.

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the premier event in ocean rowing racing - spanning more than 5000 kilometres across the rough Atlantic ocean from La Gomera, Canary Islands to English Harbour, Antigua. Our campaign will support and raise awareness for a mental health charity in Australia.

Setting off in December of 2021, the crew will row into the new year against 30 or more fiercely competitive crews, braving rough waves, dehydration and exhaustion. For the race’s entirety, the boys will row shifts day and night in tandem - 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24 hours a day.

Historically, crews of 4 take between 30 and 50 days to complete this immense challenge, pushing the boundaries of physical and mental endurance. The annual race unites a diverse range of competitors from around the globe, all sharing the same unique objective: to cross an ocean unsupported in a rowing boat.

Your donation will go towards allowing us to cover the costs of necessary equipment and entry fees to compete in the challenge, all of which amounts to $250,000.

Put simply, without your support we cannot make this dream a reality. Please show your support by making a tax deductible donation today!

  • Charlie Begg

    Keep at it boys less than 24 hours to go - I would imagine you will pick up some tail winds soon

  • Charlie Begg

    Good luck boys - keep at it

  • Andrew Scog

    Get it fellas

  • Geoff and Henrietta Summerhayes

    Aspiring. Well done boys

  • Briony Laberthonniere

    Amazing Initiative, life changing experience for a great cause... Give it all you've got guys .. Cheers

  • Savannah Brell

    Good luck boys on this awesome yet crazy adventure!! I have no doubt you will kick absolute arse out there!! I will be cheering you on all the way!!

  • Robert Wells

    Lesbian make out sesh

  • Danya Morse

    A brilliant thing to do boys 😘😘

  • Amanda Gillies

    Louis we will be thinking of you every single day when you take part is this phenomenal challenge and once in a lifetime experience. We have been so impressed with your commitment to training and fund raising. Good luck to all of you. Amanda, Ken, Amy & Charlotte

  • Benny Orme

    All the best boys! What a journey!

  • Adam Jones

    All the best with your epic adventure lads! Glad we can be apart of your journey and for such a great cause! We hope the \"Daddy\" mascot keeps you in good company! Legends! The Daddy Doge Team

  • Eva Davies

    Keep going - awesome challenge made even more difficult in these times. Look forward to following your progress over the next few months all the way to the finishing line.

  • Vanessa Maiolo

    Trivia was great! Good luck boys

  • Robyn Maiolo

    Good luck boys Row Hard Stay strong

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