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I live in Regional N.S.W, in Wagga Wagga, and this year I have made it to the top of my chosen sport. I was told in February that I have been selected for the Australian team to play in the World Roller Games in Barcelona, Spain. 

I worked my way up as a referee for two years in the sport, training with the Wagga Wagga league, then played at Varsity Derby League (VDL), in Canberra, in their men’s team, and in Sydney with Sydney City Smash, who I have trained and played with for two years. I went back to coach Wagga Wagga for two years, and I have also bench coached mixed teams and women’s teams in Wagga Wollongong, and Canberra. 

The travel and expenses for this sport are immense for everyone, and if one lives in regional N.S.W they are ten times higher. I am the major breadwinner for my family, have two children at home, and a very supportive wife, two children off in Melbourne working, a dog and a chook. :)

I started this fund to raise money for my travel costs to Barcelona. 

If you can spare any money to get me to Spain to wear the Green & Gold. That would be great.

Through the Sports Foundation donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

Best Wishes,


  • Rebecca OMeara

    Awesome achievement Tom!

  • Ann Dambergs

    Congrats Tom Representing Australia, what an achievement.

  • Waseem Afzal

    All the best Tom.

  • Amber Murray


  • Rebecca Van Mosseveld

    Congrats and Good Luck!

  • belinda fox

    best of luck Tom - come visit us in the Netherlands when you get there!

  • melissa delaney

    go tom!!

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