About the project

My name is Tom O’Halloran and I have just qualified to compete at the Tokyo Olympics in August this year. Representing Australia has been a dream since 2000, when I watched the Sydney Olympics. To be the first and only male Australian climber is a huge honour.

There are so many people who need support in the world, so it feels uncomfortable raising money for an Olympic dream, but the support is needed to make it happen and I would love to share the journey with you.  

There is currently no financial support available. I am therefore raising money to support me to arrive in Tokyo in the best competitive shape possible.

Any money raised will pay for:

Training camps in Australia, Innsbruck and Tokyo. Including flights and accomodation. (Where travel is allowed and safe)

Coaching and discipline specific coaching.

Support team to keep my body and mind working. 

Expenses and equipment associated with training.

Any donation of $2.00 or more is tax deductible through this fundraising campaign with the Australian Sports Foundation. Your donation will be a huge help and I am extremely, extremely grateful for the help and support. 

I'll be posting about my journey on instagram @tom_ohalloran.

Thank you so much

  • Gabriele Gratton

    Good luck. Dream hard.

  • Denby Weller

    All the best, Tom!!

  • Bridget Carmady

    Go Tom! We\'re all so proud you\'re up there representing Aus.

  • Jacqui Porter

    Congratulations Tom! The very best of luck in your Olympics endeavor. We will be cheering you on!

  • John Cossey

    Smash it like weetbix, Tom! 👍🏻

  • Lloyd Wishart

    Go Tom

  • Cirrus Tan

    Tom, congratulations and enjoy the journey. This is your moment!

  • Saxon Johns

    Good luck, mate! Olympics is the big one but remember it\'s better to be undertrained than overtrained... although I know you\'ve got this sorted.

  • Matthew Klein

    Time to shine. Good luck with the training.

  • Elizabeth Didcoe

    Go Tom

  • Emma Fee

    Amazing hard work and effort! We support you!

  • Cat van Kemenade

    I'm so excited for you Tom! The kids and I can't wait to watch you compete. GO TOM!!!

  • Mark Heinz

    Best of luck Tom!

  • Anna Davey

    Best of Luck Tom!

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