About the project

The Northern Rivers has a very few Tennis Players. I would love to represent a small town called Ocean shores, I'm the tennis coach of Brunswick heads, the town next door. 

My Name is David Alfaro Riveros, as a junior in Chile, I never could find a sponsor that could support me in tennis competition, due to the high cost of traveling and tournament fees, so I retired 

Now in Australia and as a permanent resident I've decided to live my dream again and start traveling and playing tournaments across Australia, I entered a semi professional circuit called Australia money tournament organised by Tennis Australia, my ranking is 1805 of the country and I think I could give so much more if I could only have more support to cover my cost, I'm 33 years old, very healthy and so ready to play more, 

My goal is to become a pro player and represent Australia internationally but firstly I need to become a top 500 player, then I would like to enter the ATP tour.

By making a tax deductible donation you can help me achieve something that has been my dream since I was 6 years old. 

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