About the project

2021 will mark my international debut to play softball. Japan will host The World Masters Games which is a multi-sport event is held every 4 years and intends to attract 50 thousand participants, both teams and individuals alike.

Despite my many years of experience whether it be playing local or rep games, coaching, scoring or umpiring, I have never been fortunate enough to engage on an international scale. In my endeavours, I will be devoting my years of experience and skill to the highly esteemed players from Lilydale Ejays Softball Club, who will be sending a team to represent in both the Men League & Women league.

With such a large scale tournament, the financial burden lies with the individual participant. Responsibilities include accommodation, transportation, registration, insurance, medical expense, equipment, uniforms, air fare and coaching/training for this 16 day event estimating $5000.

We are also searching for a $10 000 team sponsor which includes naming rights for the travelling team. (contact ejays.softball@gmail.com for more details)

Join me on this journey , watch us conquer the world and when it is all done, watch me inspire the next general of Softballers.

Softball is not just a game - it's in the blood & its life.

  • Eastern raiders U12 Black

    We are proud of you.

  • Melbourne Juggalo

    Whoop whoop. Make us proud.

  • Denham Whitney

    Go get em :)

  • Tarquin Jobson

    Batter up, hear that call, the time has come, for one and all, to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaay ball.

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